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Welcome to Left|Brain Productions. Formed in 2007, we are a community stage production company in the Greater Los Angeles area, dedicated to presenting high-quality, thought-provoking theater.

Since 2008 we have presented thirteen critically-acclaimed productions, dramas, thrillers and comedies, and the posters and some production photos of these can be seen on the "Past Productions" page.

In March 2020 we will be presenting a production of Michael's Hollinger's "OPUS" a beautifully crafted play by a master playwright, who also created last year’s play "Hope & Gravity"

The review in the New York Times said the following about this play:

Sex, drugs and chamber music! These are the three key elements in “Opus,” an absorbing play by Michael Hollinger. Granted, most of the sex is in the past or the future, and the drugs are more medicinal than recreational. But it hardly matters. Mr. Hollinger, a former violist who moved on to theater after studying music at Oberlin, generates plenty of subtle heat in his play about the unstrung lives of the members of a string quartet.

“Opus” considers the matter of music making with an intimate, appraising eye, showing us the sweat, the drudgery and the delicate balance of personalities that lie behind the creation of a seemingly effortless performance. This play is marked by a nuanced intelligence in its depiction of the complex relationship between musicians’ lives and their art.

In the opening scene, a nervous young violist, Grace auditions before the three remaining members of the renowned Lazara Quartet. The pressure is on, because the group has a fast-approaching date to perform at a televised ceremony for the president of the United States.

Grace wins the job and rehearsals begin immediately.

This is Michael Hollinger at his best: witty banter, well-turned phrases, and genuine characters that make us laugh; then something unexpectedly wonderful and mysterious lifts us to a new level. Gravity tugs us downward but hope allows us to soar, Mr. Hollinger maintains a supple pace as the play moves fluidly between scenes taking place during rehearsals for the big night and flashbacks to the events that preceded the ouster of Dorian, Grace’s predecessor.

As the drama unfolds, with snatches of Bach, Beethoven and Bartok providing pleasing adornment, the distinct personalities of the musicians are gently brought into play.

“Opus” is engrossing in its finely detailed exploration of the nitty-gritty of the musicians’ craft.

Opening on March 19 and running through March 29, 2020 the ticket charge will be a. VIP seating at $50.00 per seat, b. General Admission at $35, and c. student tickets (with valid ID) at $20.

Please join us for this very special presentation and we look forward to greeting you at the newly renovated and state-of-the-art theater "THE PICO" located at 10508 Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles.

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We thank you for your interest in Left|Brain Productions and we look forward to seeing you at the theater!

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